July 13, 2018
5 months and 24 days left
until our celebration.
Greetings to Family Members! 

​We have launched a family reunion website to be used to communicate updates regarding the family reunion of 2018. We encourage you to visit often for the updates. Please let us know if you plan to attend by entering your intentions of your plans on the RSVP page. 

Upload photos of you, your siblings, parents, and other relatives.  We'll create an album with the photos you upload for others to view!  Please label the photos so that we know who is who. Don't forget to sign the Guest Book and submit any questions and suggestions you may have on the Contact Us page.   

Personal information cannot be viewed or shared.

We do not have current addresses for everyone, so please share this information with other family members about the reunion to be held July13-15, 2018. Also ask them to visit http://perryfamilyreunion2018.myevent.com and submit their profile information on the Family page. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon via this website and seeing you on July 13-15, 2018!

​Warmest regards,

Charlotte, Terri, and Eddie
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