July 13, 2018
2 months and 24 days left
until our celebration.
ATE ....... April 13, 2018

Happy Spring Family and Friends,

​We are just 3 months away from the BIG WEEKEND!  We are planning for what we hope to be a great reunion  and fun experience for everyone !

Here are a few Friendly Reminders and Updates!

​The Perry Family Reunion Extended Registration is DUE on April 30, 2018
Adults and Youth ages 12+  = $45
​Youth     ages 6-11  = $15
​Children  ages  0-5   = Free
Family Dues = $10

Send your registration fees and family dues to:
Mrs. Merle Lee, Treasurer
​PO Box 551
Wendell, NC  27591
​(919) 365-7676

​The following Pages on this website are/will be updated, so check the website frequently!
Family Photo Albums
Reunion Banquet
​Travelers to Smyrna

​Other Things to Do for Preparation:
​Complete the RSVP Page and the Guest Page...we are creating name badges;
​Collect,Copy, and Bring your hardcopy of pictures for a Photo Sharing Activity during the reunion;
​Select your item to donate for the Mock Auction (see Mock Auction FAQ);
​Mail or Email your information for Share Your News by May 12, 2018;
​Pack your red and white casual outfits for the 2-day event;
​Pack swimsuit, flip flops, towel, for swimming in the hotel outdoor pool;
​Plan to arrive in ATL before 12 noon... traffic can be hectic almost 24/7 and we have sports events in town the weekend of July 13-15th.

If you have questions just go to the Contact US Page.

That's it for now.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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